4 Week Online Rakugo Japanese Sit-Down Comedy Workshop 

Can't visit Japan right now because of the pandemic but still want to have some fun?
Why not try Rakugo - the 400 year old tradition of Japanese Sit-Down Comedy?

Showko, a 5 star award winning international comedian, Australia’s Got Talent Finalist and the only professionally trained Rakugo performer outside of Japan, is giving you an opportunity to learn how to Speak Japanese through Rakugo Comedy with a 4-part online workshop!

This is a great place to start learning faster through the coordination of language and physical movement with visual, auditory and kinesthetic practices in a fun and entertaining environment. 

By joining the live classes you can ask direct questions and practice your Japanese with Rakugo movements and techniques for direct feedback. With plenty of interaction and laughter as Showko teaches traditional Rakugo stories and techniques combined with Japanese language.⁠⁠

※The workshop is in English with Japanese language for all levels.⁠

4 Week Rakugo Japanese Sit-Down Comedy Workshop [$108.00 per person]

Level: Beginner (Each workshop: 60 mins in English with Japanese language teaching for all levels.)
What this Japanese Sit-Down Comedy Workshop (Speak Japanese with Rakugo) will cover:

Rakugo Workshop 1
※History of Rakugo
※Rakugo rules, actions and music.
※Rakugo theatres and backstage
※Rakugo short stories using basic Japanese

Rakugo Workshop 2 (with scripts)
※Rakugo “ZOO” which is the most popular story for beginners. (First half of the story)
※Rakugo actions with Rakugo music.
※Speak Japanese with Rakugo short stories for beginners.

Rakugo Workshop 3 (with scripts)
※Rakugo “ZOO” (Second half of the story)
※Speak Japanese with Rakugo short stories for intermediate.
※Rakugo actions with Rakugo music.

Rakugo Workshop 4 (with scripts)
※Rakugo “Momotaro” (Learn the full story in both Japanese and English)
※New forms of Rakugo such as Puppet Rakugo and Ventriloquist - Rakugo
※Make your own short Rakugo stories.

Workshop Dates / Time:
※Nov 7th 3-4pm - Lesson 1
※Nov 14th 3-4pm - Lesson 2
※Nov 21st 3-4pm - Lesson 3
※Nov 28th 3-4pm - Lesson 4

Note: All times are [AEST] - To convert to your own time zone, please click below and ensure to change the date accordingly. Time Converter

Participant Numbers: Maximum 50 participants



“I really enjoyed the workshop, I didn't know much about Rakugo before but I learnt a lot.”

“It was a great workshop. I was able to learn a lot about Rakugo and of course it was fun. I would love to learn more!”

“It’s so much fun to speak Japanese with Rakugo actions! Very entertaining!”

“As a Japanese teacher I found this very useful. I will use Rakugo to assist in teaching Japanese to my students.”

“Very informative. Great to have both theory and practical. The class setting allowed for more questions, hands-on practice and detailed information.”

“Wonderful. Excellent information, history and demonstration. I learnt a lot - especially participating in the short story performances.”

“By learning from a totally different artform and culture it has opened my mind to see my performance from a different perspective. I highly recommend it.”

About Showko Showfukutei


Showko trained as a Rakugo performer under Master Kakushow in London receiving the 400 year old traditional name Showko Showfukutei upon completion. She is one of 1500 Rakugo performers, only a handful of women and the only one living overseas. Showko is a member of the Kamigata Rakugo Association and regularly goes back to Japan to perform at the Hanjyo-tei Rakugo Theatre in Osaka where only professional Rakugo performers can perform. Showko’s style of Rakugo is very animated with lots of actions and facial expressions so that any age groups seeing Rakugo for the first time can understand and enjoy Rakugo humour. Showko performs Traditional Rakugo, personal life story Rakugo and Ventriloquist Rakugo.