Experience one of Japan's finest sports and a source of national pride, sumo wrestling at the Grand Sumo Tournament in Kyushu. For more information about the rules and history of sumo click here.

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Category B $355 pp $239 pp $179 pp
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 *For your comfort, we recommend sharing between 2 persons.

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Category B  9 - 10  21.55m - 27.9m
Category C 11 28.35m - 33.00m

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A special photo corner is available, as well as a free special photo frame where you can select your favourite wrestler to be included in the photo.

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner
Fukuoka Kokusai Centre

Day 1

Fukuoka Kokusai Centre

08:15: Fukuoka Kokusai Centre entrance opens.

08:25: Maezumo - The new apprentice sumo. called maezumo demonstrate their skills. (3rd day of tournament onwards)

08:35: The third, fourth, fifth and lowest division sumo start their bouts. After the 13th day of the tournament this will commence from 10:00AM.

12:50: The high performing rikishi receive their new titles in the Jonokuchi division.

14:15: A sumo is considered a professional once he becomes a juryo. Watch as the juryo come into the dohyo. 

14:35: Watch the juryo clash as the young up-comers and  veterans compete to reach to makunouchi (the highest division).

Greeting from the Japan Sumo Association to the audience.

15:40: The makunouchi enter the dohyo. These are the highest ranked rikishi.

15:55: The yokozuna enter the dohyo. The yokozuna is the highest ranked rikishi of all.

Short break after the yokozuna entering the dohyo.

16:10: The makunouchi finally compete. Watch the heated battles of the most popular and strongest rikishi. After 17:00 the komusubi, sekiwake and ozeki enter the stage. (4th, 3rd and 2nd ranked rikishi)

17:15: The last three rikishi of the day perform a special performance only on the last day of the tournament.

17:55: End of the day.

Ceremony for the victor of the tournament. This only takes place on the last day of the tournament.

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