Rakugo Japanese Sit-Down Comedy 4-Week Online Course


RAKUGO ~Japanese Sit Down Comedy~ is a form of entertainment best described as Japanese sit-down comedy or comic story telling. During a show the Rakugo performer sits on a small pillow dressed in a kimono and acts out the whole story by themselves equipped with only a fan (Sensu) and hand towel (Tenugui) to help convey ideas. A Rakugo story is told through the conversations between characters, therefore, the performer must be able play the role of each distinct character by changing personality, facial expression, mannerisms, speech, etc.. In most cases the characters have strong stereotypical personalities and characteristics so that as the performer switches from one character to another the audience readily detects the change. To be a professional Rakugo performer you have to ask a Rakugo master to become their protégé and only a person who can complete training for 3 years can be accepted as a Professional Rakugo performer. 

Course Highlights
◆ Introduction and history of Rakugo
◆ Understanding the different styles of Japanese Rakugo and comedy & How to perform Rakugo on stage
◆ Introduction to Rakugo stories and jokes
◆ Each student performs Rakugo at the end of the workshop

Rakugo Japanese Sit-Down Comedy On-line Workshop Course

Rakugo Japanese Sit-Down Comedy On-line

Enjoy training in Rakugo with the only professionally trained Rakugo performer outside of Japan!