You won’t be able to recognize yourself once you have been dressed in a traditional Japanese Kimono. Although more restrictive than western clothing, the Japanese Kimono gives you a beautiful posture and enhanced sense of movement. Enjoying Japanese cuisine in your Japanese attire, you will be tempted to overeat on the delicious hot or chilled Soba noodles served while learning about Japanese table manners and the background story of Soba. Filled with new energy, you will explore the oldest neighbourhood of Nagoya, Shikemichi, with its wide street, white row houses and old shrines. You will love the picturesque surroundings and the many opportunities to take pictures for the family album (or Instagram depending on your generation). Visit Endoji, the oldest shopping street of Nagoya and marvel at the juxtaposition of old versus new - Shrines and temples that have been here since the beginning of Nagoya next to sandwich shops and bouldering gyms. Once your feet are tired (from posing for so many pictures) you will get your needed rest and give your hands something to do decorating your own Japanese paper lantern and enjoying the most Japanese drink there is: Matcha green tea. After a couple (of hundred) more pictures it is time to transform back, into your old self. But you will have changed, no doubt, gained a new perspective on Nagoya and a new appreciation for your comfortable jeans and sneakers.


※Wear a traditional Kimono and explore the neighbourhood dressed up
※Eat lunch at a typical local restaurant where you will enjoy delicious Soba noodles (vegetarian and vegan friendly options available)
※Visit the old merchants district Shikemichi, the oldest part of Nagoya
※Decorate your own Japanese paper lantern and take it home with you as a souvenir
※Drink locally grown Matcha Green Tea with some sweets

Time Start between 11am – 12pm From Kokusai Centre Station : (3 – 4.5hours)
Departure Daily
End Location Kokusai Centre Station
Guide English-speaking assistant or guide service is included.
Pick-up service Not available. Please assemble at Kokusai Centre Station at 10:50am
Drop-off service Not available. Tour disbands on arrival at Kokusai Centre Station
B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1 Nagoya Kimono Old Town Walking Tour

Nagoya Kimono Old Town Walking Tour


10:50am: Assemble at  Kokusai Center Station. Depart with your guide.
Stop 1 Cockney KIMONO: Wear a traditional Japanese Kimono and learn about the different parts and their significance. You will also be instructed on how to walk, stand, sit, and go to the toilet.
Stop 2 Soba Lunch: At a typical local Soba shop learn about table manners and enjoy a delicious Soba noodle lunch.
Stop 3 Sengen Shrine: Shrines and temples will no longer be a mystery to you after visiting Sengen Shrine.
Stop 4 Shikemichi: Learn why this almost 300 year old merchant’s district is still around today and admire the architecture and ingenuity of the Japanese people of old.
Stop 5 Endoji: The oldest shopping district of Nagoya has seen better days but it is still charming with old next to new.
Stop 6 Lantern Making & Matcha Green Tea: Decorate a simple Japanese paper lantern at a local paper lantern shop and enjoy Matcha Green Tea with some sweets produced in the region.
Closing Up: On your way back you will get another opportunity to take beautiful pictures in a Japanese setting before the spell is over and you transform back into your usual self by changing out of your Kimono. The tour is over but the pictures and memories will last you a lifetime.
14:00pm Kokusai Centre Station: Tour Concludes

※Tour Guide
※Kimono experience
※Lunch at a typical Japanese restaurant
※Japanese paper lantern making experience
※Nishio Matcha green tea

※Tour Guide
※Kimono experience
※Lunch at a typical Japanese restaurant
※Japanese paper lantern making experience
※Nishio Matcha green tea

※Minimum age requirement 7yrs+.
※Japanese Kimono come in limited sizing (About Australian Size XS-M for ladies and S-L for men.)
※Please let us know your height (both adults and children) at the time of booking
※Japanese Geta (shoes) come in limited sizing (22 – 25.5cm)
※This tour is not wheelchair accessible
※This tour is stroller-friendly

Worry Free Travel – COVID Safe Protocols

Measures for Our Hosts
※Host will check their body temperature before the experience/tour
※Host will wear a face mask (or face shield) during the experience/tour
※Host will wash and sanitize their hands regularly before and during the experience/tour
※Guests are required to wear a mask during the experience/tour except when eating or drinking
※Guests are encouraged to wash and sanitize their hands before and during the experience/tour
※Host will provide hand sanitiser for the guests
※Host will provide face masks for the guests

Measures for Our Customers

Before The Tour: ※If you have a suspicious symptom such as fever or cough two days before the experience or tour, please refrain from participating.

On The Tour Day
※Please bring and wear a mask. Masks must be worn at all times for ages 3 and above (except when eating or drinking). Not wearing a mask prevents you from participating in the experience or tour.
※The body temperature will be checked before the experience or tour starts.
※Our hosts will give you hand sanitizer at the beginning and throughout the experience or tour.
※Avoid sharing food, drinks and personal items such as mobile phones with people outside your group of friends or family.
※Please keep distance between people.
※If you feel sick during the experience or tour, please notify the host.

After The Tour: ※If you have fever, cough or difficulty breathing, anytime within a one week window after the tour please let us know as soon as possible.

In order to give you peace of mind while enjoying our experiences and tours, all of our staff and hosts are doing our best to provide the safest environment possible. We will be re-evaluating the situation regularly and might change safety measures depending on how the situation develops.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We are looking forward to helping you make epic memories during your trip to Nagoya.




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