Reservations are now required when taking certain baggage on the Shinkansen 

When bringing baggage that is larger than a certain size onto the Tokaido/Sanyo/Kyushu Shinkansen, passengers are required to make an advance reservation for both their seat and baggage area.

You must make a advance reservation for baggage when taking the Shinkansen between the following locations;

Tokyo – Nagoya – Kyoto – Shin-Osaka – Hiroshima – Hakata – Kagoshima-Chuo

What baggage requires an advance reservation?

The total measurement of the three sides (length, width and height) is over 160 cm and within 250 cm.
(hereinafter referred to as “oversized baggage”)


The existing space behind the rearmost seat in the train car will be designated as the storage space. The oversized baggage area may be used by making an advance reservation for the baggage when reserving the designated seat (hereinafter “seat with oversized baggage area”). No additional charge will be required when making the reservation.

How to use the reserved baggage area

Before bringing oversized baggage into the train, make a reservation for a seat with oversized baggage area in advance at the ticket counter. After boarding the train, place your baggage in the designated baggage area.

If you bring in oversized baggage without making an advance reservation, you will be charged a carry-on fee (1,000 JPY; tax included) and be required to store your baggage in the space designated by the train crew.

  • Seats with oversized baggage area are for passengers with oversized baggage, in principle; however, other passengers who require baggage area for a baby stroller or other items may also use the seats.
  • Baggage with a total three side measurement within 160 cm may be stored in the rack above the seat