Journey Planning Made Easy with Hyperdia

Hyperdia is an online timetable search available in English, Chinese & Japanese allowing you to find the most efficient routes for your travel within Japan, as well as being able to see what is covered by your Japan Rail Pass.

You can use Hyperdia via desktop, or download it to your Android or iPhone and information which it is able to provide is as follows;

  • Route Options
  • Departure and arrival times
  • Time duration of each journey
  • Type of trains & train number
  • Number of transfers (if any)
  • Departure/Arrival Platform/Track
  • Total cost of the journey including seat reservation without a Japan Rail Pass

How to use Hyperdia

  1. Go to Hyperdia via either their desktop website or Android / iPhone App
  2. Enter the departure station, arrival station, intended date and preferred time of travel.
  3. Click on "More options" and the following additional drop down box will appear. 
  4. Please uncheck the boxes labeled “Airplane”, “Airport Shuttle Bus”, "NOZOMI/MIZUHO/HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN)”, and “Private Railway”.
    This will then ensure only the routes which are covered by a JR Pass appear once you click "Search". 
  5. From the options, select the route which is best for your planned day of travel and ensure you clearly understand the route or any conditions which effect it such as minimum transfer time. 

Handy Hints!

  • If you can’t find the station try adding “shin” in front of the location i.e Shin-Hakodate Hokuto
  • Please note the JR Pass includes the HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN) so you’ll need to re-tick the "NOZOMI/MIZUHO/HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN)" box if you plan on using it for the journey. Be aware that Nozomi/Mizuho cannot be used on a JR Pass so be careful not to choose a route using this when searching for a HAYABUSA route. 
  • If you would like more transfer time between connecting trains, please search each route separately
  • If the search shows a double down arrow, this means you stay on the train. You do not need to change trains, but you may be stationary for a few minutes & the train name may change from that stop onwards.
  • Take a screenshot so you always have the route handy even if you don't have an internet connection
  • If no routes appear, the station you are searching for is not JR! In this case, please tick "Private Railway" and search again, however you will have to pay for the ticket.