Have the opportunity to visit the highest ranked tea ceremony facility in Osaka or their second location in Kyoto. Here you will be able to make green tea (Matcha) in an ancient style Japanese tea ceremony room wearing a Kimono.
In this workshop, a qualified instructor will walk you through the step by step procedure of the traditional tea ceremony. This is a ritual-like activity where ceremonial tea is prepared and presented to promote well-being, mindfulness and harmony.


01 Jul 2018 - 31 Mar 2019: Daily

Minimum participants  1 Person


1. Experience a Traditional Japanese tea ceremony taught by a friendly instructor who speaks English.
2. Enjoy drinking Matcha green tea and eating Japanese sweets.
3. Wear a beautiful kimono including hair style for ladies (Yukata in the summer).
4. During the hot summer months of June, July, and August, participants will wear a yukata (light kimono) instead of a kimono.
5. Visit a Samurai Showroom.

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