Japanese Art Calligraphy Class with A Qualified Shodo Artist

The art of Japanese Calligraphy brings mindfulness to your life.
Japanese Calligraphy is a traditional Japanese artistic writing. It's called Shodo in Japanese.

Shodo literally means " the way of writing " and is one of the Japanese arts and a form of Zen.
Learning Shodo as a Zen practice will bring peace and calm to our busy life. It's a form of active meditation and is also highly recognized as a good way to improve motor skills.


1.5 Hour Calligraphy Workshop with Uchiyama Sensei [$97.00pp]

Level: Beginner
Suited to those who would like to experience Zen kind of Active meditation. This class will introduce you to the art side of Calligraphy in a private setting to learn at your leisure.
※Maximum 3 participants.
※Enjoy green tea after the lesson

Workshop Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Minimum: 2 participants
Maximum: 3 participants

1 Hour Calligraphy Workshop with Craig Sensei [$55.00pp]

Level: Beginner

Join this 1-hour calligraphy class suited to those who would like to learn Calligraphy writing skills in a fun, casual atmosphere.
※Maximum 3-4 participants.
※Enjoy green tea after the lesson

Workshop Availability: Monday
Minimum: 2 participants 
Maximum: 3-4 participants

About Your Calligraphy Instructors

Uchiyama Sensei, a qualified Japanese Calligraphy Artist takes you to a world of mindfulness through the entire Shodo lesson. Every lesson you will start rubbing an ink stick to make your own ink. Even this practice will give you inner peace.

Craig Sensei, is a highly qualified and experienced “Sensei” (teacher) of Japanese Calligraphy. Her lively lessons will make “Shodo” more familiar and interesting to you. Everyone loves her lessons!