Let's experience Japan through Nihon Buyo Japanese Dance! (日本舞踊 / 踊り)

Odori describes a number of Japanese dance styles with a long history and prescribed method of performance. There are large number of these traditional dances, which are often specific to a region or village. Mai and Odori are the two main groups of Japanese dances, and the term Buyō (舞踊) was coined in modern times as a general term for dance, by combining mai (舞) (which can also be pronounced bu) and odori (踊) (which can also be pronounced yō).

Course Highlights
◆ Learn about the history of Japanese dance from a Japanese expert.
◆ Enjoy a viewing demonstration to admire the beauty of dance.
◆ Participate in a mini-workshop where you will learn the art of Japanese dance yourself!

Nihon Buyo Japanese Dance (日本舞踊) Courses

Nihon Buyo Japanese Dance (日本舞踊) in NSW
Experience Japan through the Art of 日本舞踊 (Japanese Dance) with an expert in Sydney!