The Gateway to Okinawa


The main island is and adventageous starting point, and the gateway to exploring Okinawa. The main island can be divided into three areas; Northern Okinawa Main Island, Central Okinawa Main Island and Southern Okinawa Main Island, all of which are unique in both their atmosphere and the experiences on offer.

Northern Okinawa Main Island

The Northern Okinawa Main Island is full of rich, beautiful scenery unique to the semitropical ocean climate. Yanbaru, with its mysterious aura, is a semitropical jungle inhabited by rare creatures. Motobu Peninsula has also been gaining attention as a popular Okinawa tourism spot, offering a number of must-see sites. On the Onna Coast crystal clear seas and coral reefs seem to go on forever.


Visiting Yanbaru is a great way to experience the mystery and the magnificence of the jungle. The semitropical old growth forest extends to the coastline, and the thick evergreen broadleaf forest is home to a unique tropical ecosystem. Protected species native to Yanbaru; the Yanbaru kuina and the Noguchi-gera, might be spotted on eco-tours in the area - spending a day canoeing at Gesashi Bay, or trekking and sea kayaking to Hiji Falls, is a great way to experience the rich nature of this region.  


Motobu Peninsula

Motobu Peninsula is home to scenic vistas, beautiful beaches, and the incredibly popular Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium - where you can get up close and personal with whale sharks and mantas leisurely swimming in the huge world-class water tank. Nakijin Castle, registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is famous as the largest Gusuku (Gusuku means castle in the Okinawan dialect) in Okinawa Prefecture, while Kouri Bridge, which is breathtakingly suspended over the emerald green sea, is highly recommended for a drive. If you're looking for somewhere to relax and experience a more authentic Okinawan way of life, the Motobu Peninsula is a must see Okinawan sightseeing destination.


Onna Coast

The Coastline of Onna is one of Okinawa's most popular resort areas. A number of prominent resort hotels are located here, as are restaurants specializing in Okinawan cuisine. The convenience and safety of resort private beaches, most offering marine sports, makes this area ideal for families with children. If you want to soak up the scenic beauty of Onna's coastline, you can enjoy breathtaking views atop the stunning cliffs of Manzamo and Maeda Point. Ryukyu Mura is a small theme park showcasing traditional Okinawan culture in the form of a recreated village from the times of the Ryukyu Kingdom. For those who prefer the land to the sea, many resorts offer world class golf courses to enjoy and ensure your stay is a relaxing and luxurious one.