Want a glimpse of natural treasures and subtropical jungles?

Experience unique adventures perfect for family and friends of all ages!

For information and availability in regard to current Okinawan jungle adventure experiences, check out the options below (more adventures to be added soon!):

Canyoning & Shower Climb

Participants can try challenging activities such as canyoning, and shower climbing in the "Jurassic Park"-esque forests of Yanbaru. 

Under the guidance of a veteran guide with 18+ years experience, conquer a course consisting of three waterfalls while testing your canyoning skills. Along the way you will encounter and shower climb through two dynamic waterfalls before rapelling down the third  to complete the course.  The tour is conducted under the guidance of professional staff.

Canyoning & Shower Climb

Okinawa has a subtropical climate and is home to many squalls and tropical plants and creatures. Canyoning & shower climbing and waterslides are one of the pleasures, but it is also a feature of this tour that you can enjoy the nature peculiar to Okinawa.

Offered: Year Round
Participants: Minimum 2pax [aged 12yrs+]
Operation Times: [AM] 09:00 - 12:30 / [PM] 13:00 - 16:30
Schedule: 10 minutes (change clothes, Explanations) 150 minutes (canyoning, shower Climbing) 10 minutes (simple tent, simple shower End of change)
Experience fee, Guide fee, Snacks, Drinks, Insurance, Equipment
※ Only available to participants 12 years old and above.
Other Information:
※ Please come in a bathing suit and bring a hat, towel, waterbottle, insecy repellant spray and change of clothes. If you are wearing glasses, please wear a glasses band. For guests using contact lenses, pelase bring pool goggles.

※Please Note※

Due to the nature of this program, the staff are unable to run it in the event of bad weather, or when forces of nature are imminent.
Infortunately, no refunds can be given for tours cancelled due to forces of nature.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ishigaki Jungle Trek & Ziplining

The Yaeyama island mountains are laced with trails established hundreds of years ago for hunting, foraging and hauling timber.

 On one of these trails  we trek deep into the jungle. This is a good opportunity to see first hand the unique plant and animal life that set Yaeyama apart from the rest of Japan. When the trail ends we use a series of 5 zip lines to return to the starting point. This is an exciting and eco friendly way to travel through the jungle. The zip lines require that everyone strap on a rock climbing helmet and harness. These lines are strung in a completely natural setting extended over the jungle streams and waterfalls.

Jungle Trek & Zipline Experience

Offered: Year Round
Participants: Minimum 2pax [aged 8yrs+]
Operation Times: [AM] 09:00 - 12:30 / [PM] 13:30 - 17:00
Experience fee, Guide fee, Equipment rental (rock climbing harness and helmet). 
※ Only available to participants 8 years old and above.
Other Information:
※ Portions of this trek may require hiking through and around water.
※ Marine booties rental available for additional 500 yen
※ Participantion is restricted to persons weighing up to 90kg only due to zipline restrictions and weight bearing capacity.