Come And Experience The Unique Culture of the Ryūkyū Islands

The cultural roots of contemporary Okinawa lie in the Ryūkyū Kingdom, which lasted for 450 years from 1429. The traditions of the kingdom live on in the vibrant culture of the islands today.

Karate was born in Okinawa, Japan. With more than 400 Karate Dojos in Okinawa, it is a sacred place where people from all over the world come to learn Karate. 

There are three exclusive elements that you can learn here;

1. You can learn the original form of Karate: Okinawan Karate is completely different from mainstream Karate. It is an original martial art form which contains many practical techniques and personality formation as its fundamentalism. It includes rigid physical and mental daily training. Karate learned in Okinawa will not only improve your physical condition but also your mental strength.

2. You can learn from Okinawan Karate masters: There are more than 400 Karate Dojos in Okinawa, and Karate masters you have seen only in videos exist here. Okinawan Karate is a lifetime martial arts. Some masters are even over 70 or 80 years old but still have incredible skills. You can learn Karate techniques and philosophy from those masters.

3. You can feel the Okinawan culture that created Karate: Karate is not aimed at attacking or harming your opponent; it is the contrast, it is about discipline and defense. This philosophy was created in Okinawa and it is what Karate represents. Karate is not just about strength and fighting but also the culture that loves peace and politeness. You can learn Karate in Okinawa where the root of this excellent and peaceful Karate philosophy exists.

For information and availability in regard to current Okinawan Karate experiences, check out the options below:

Learn Okinawan Karate - Dojo Training

Orientation is required. Time varies from dojo to dojo. More than one lesson can be arranged.

Whether you are a novice to Karate and would like to have beginner type training sessions in the birthplace of Karate, or an expert Karateka who would like to gain more experience from an Okinawan Grand Master, we are able to offer you training sessions in the Okinawan Karate styles Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu, Shorin-ryu, and Ryukyu Kobudo. It is possible for us to offer also Shito-ryu training sessions.

Dojo Training

Offered: Year Round
Participants: Minimum 1 pax

Depending on the dojo, some sessions could be from Monday to Friday, while some could be on every other weekday. Most dojos are closed on Sundays and on National holidays. Training hours could be any 2-hour frames between 6pm and 10pm. For more information on dojo hours, training costs, and what the dojo has to offer, please advise our friendly consultants of your preferred style preference; Goju-Ryu / Uechi-Ryu / Shorin-Ryu / Kobudo / Other Styles

Orientation: Before your training session, a short orientation will be conducted at least a day before the scheduled training. This will cover the training schedule, basic dos and don’ts of a traditional Okinawan dojo, and any other related contents. You will also receive background information on the sensei who will be conducting the training session. Overall the orientation will take from 30-45 minutes.

Original Certificate: After taking 2 or more training sessions, each participant will be presented with a training completion certificate signed by the Grand Master of that training. 

Learn Okinawan Karate - Trial Lesson

Orientation is required. Private lesson available upon request.

The Karate trial lesson is taught by a highly trained Karate sensei at either an Okinawan Karate Dojo or at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan. If you want to wear a Karate-gi, we have them available for rent in different sizes.

Trial Lesson

Offered: Year Round
Participants: Minimum 1 pax

Lesson Program: Both beginners and children are welcome. The following will be covered in the trial lesson; Karate Warm up Exercises / Base movement (Punch, Kick, Defense) / Learning basic Karate Kata / Memorabilia Photo

Schedule: Trial Lessons run for 90~120 minutes, in the evening. Private programs can be arranged on request - please enquire with our friendly consultants, outlining your requestes. 

Notes: You need to respect Okinawan Karate Grand master. Please be sure to adhere to the following; ・You have to bow when entering and leaving the dojo. ・Do not bother other students. ・Please bring your own Karate uniform, towel, and drink(s). ・Make sure you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the lesson. ・Be sure to turn off your mobile phone during the lesson. ・You are not allowed to take pictures nor record without the permission of the sensei.


Learn Okinawan Karate - Karate History Tour

Itinerary can be changed based on your requests. Will be cancelled if weather conditions are bad. 

Okinawa is well known as the birthplace of Karate. There are various historical Karate spots, more than 400 Karate Dojos and many great Karate masters who are respected all over the world in Okinawa. You can visit 6〜8 Karate spots, some of which are difficult to go to by yourself.

The History of Karate

Offered: Year Round
Tour Time: 10:00 – 16:00 
Participants: Minimum 1 pax

This tour is a tour which you can experience only in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate. Visit the roots of your Karate style and experience Okinawan culture and historical spots which are difficult to get to by yourself.
Visit Okinawan Karate Monuments・Visit Okinawan Karate Masters Graves・Visit Karate museum & Okinawan Karate Dojo・Visit Okinawan Shrines・Enjoy Shopping for Karate Goods 
Visit 6-8 spots / Tour guide / Transportation / Museum ticket / Lunch / Grave goods (Removed until further notice) / Photo data
Please BYO: 
Beverage(s)・ Camera ・Towel (should it be a hot day) ・Karate Gi (optional) for photo taking opportunities
※ We can arrange a tour course based on your requests, so please let us know if you have any. 
※ You will have the chance to take pictures, so it is recommend that you bring your Karate Gi. 
※ The tour may be changed based on the availability of some places visited.

Learn Okinawan Karate - Ryukyu Tile Smash Experience

Certificate, movie, rental Karate uniform, Ryukyu Tile 5pcs are included

Tile Smashing is born from Karate, in order to show off one’s skill and physical prowess. Wish to try some Tile Smashing? Come try it in the holy land of Karate, Okinawa. Smashing Red Ryukyu Tiles in this holy land will take you into the wonderful world of Karate, help improve your fortunes, express wishes, release stress, and appear on social media. It will be an unforgettable precious experience for you.

Tile Smash Experience

Offered: Year Round (Closed Tuesday)
Participants: Minimum 1 pax

Smashing Red Ryukyu Tiles in this holy land will take you into the wonderful world of Karate, help improve your fortunes, express wishes and release stress.
Certificate, Movie, Rental Karate uniform, Ryukyu Tile 5pcs (additional pieces available at extra cost)
※ The experience may be changed based on availability.