Ikebana & Yukata Experience in Sydney

Kimono Grand High Master Kyoko Sensei will offer you the opportunity to experience a day in your life in yukata (summer kimono). In conjunction with Sogetsu Ikebana Master Junko Sensei, you will then learn the traditional art of Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) Take a break from the everyday and experiment with fashion and art in traditional Japanese dress!

※Note: Both Men's & Women's Styles Available

Yukata Dressing & Ikebana Lesson [$420.00 per person]

※Dressing by a professional kimono dresser - Grand Master Kyoko Sensei, with free time to wander around, take pictures & experience life in your yukata. [Only yukata, obi, and accessories provided. No hairstyling or make-up]
※Ikebana lesson (Japanese floral arrangement) by Sogetsu Ikebana Master Junko Sensei (you will take home your Ikebana arrangement)

Available: Monday - Thursday (10am - 1pm) / by pre-booking only.
Minimum: 2pax per session / Maximum: 4pax per session


About Kimono High Master Kyoko Sensei

My memory of wearing kimonos goes back to when I was a child. Both my mother and grandmother wore kimonos everyday, they wore them while they cooked, cleaned, sewed, went to work... it was as much a part of their daily lives as jeans and shirts are a part of ours! Kimonos for Japanese people aren't just a garment, but a part of our broader traditions and heritage. They are usually passed down from mothers to daughters for many generations. There are not only memories but also family histories behind each dress. Despite these traditions, it is important to me that kimonos don't become a thing of the past. I encourage all people to wear them to keep their memories alive! Let me show you the different ways to style and dress beautiful kimonos. They are there to be enjoyed by everyone, not only people with Japanese heritage. You will be amazed by how versatile the kimono is and how divine they can make you feel. So come and join us, make new kimono friends, and most of all let's just have fun and enjoy spreading kimonos throughout Sydney!