Kimono (煎茶道) & Yukata (茶道) Wearing

The kimono is the most traditional of Japanese garments. Usually made of silk, it is a ceremonial dress of many layers that is both exquisite yet versatile. Once the de-facto dress of Japan, the kimono is now mostly used for highly important occasions and come in many lavish varieties. Unsurprisingly, with their many layers and complex designs, kimono are famously difficult to put on and Japanese women of the past would for many years take lessons in the art of kimono dressing. The yukata is the Japanese kimono worn in the summer. They are wide-sleeved robes worn by both men and women.  Often made of cotton, they are a lot lighter than traditional kimono. Like the kimono, they have a long history in Japan and were originally worn to attend bathhouses. Nowadays, they are mostly worn at summer festivals or at traditional Japanese inns. Experience historic Japan by wearing the country's most traditional clothing styles, learning all the tips and tricks to putting on these notoriously complicated outfits.

Course Highlights

◆ Choose from a small sample of styles
◆ Learn how to put on a lavish Japanese kimono -or- festively bright summer yukata from a Japanese expert 
◆ Enjoy time to pose, take photos (even walk around - time permitting) dance, and enjoy a tea ceremony in your traditional Japanese wear.

Kimono (煎茶道) & Yukata (茶道) Wearing Courses

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