Driving in Fukushima Prefecture


Travelling around the Japan most would think that Japans train services are a one and only option; yet there is another mode of transportation that is better suited for experiencing everything that Fukushima has to offer — the humble car.

Renting a car in Japan will allow you to discover some truly magnificent hidden treasures that are just not possible to witness via railway. You will find that by by simply renting a car, you can explore far beyond the boundaries of the major cities. Journey along the roads with breathtaking views through the mountainous ascensions, gorgeous lakeview scenery and gain full control of your adventures in this spectacular region..

Bandai-Asahi National Park, Bandai-Azuma Skyline is Fukushima's sightseeing mountain road known as one of the 100 Best Roads in Japan. Because the road is closed in wintertime, the reopening of the road in April announces the arrival of spring. The road's maximum elevation reaches 1,622 meters around the Jododaira area, letting you enjoy a driving amid breathtaking volcanic landscapes of the Azuma mountain range as well as lush greenery and bright autumn colors on this stunning elevated driving routes..

Australian travellers can greatly benefit from our similar traffic systems and rules with simply acquiring an international drivers licence. You will be able to traverse all across Japan with full control of where to go and what to see, which can be somewhat of a wasted opportunity for those who can only rely on Japans rail system.

Within reasonable travel distance from Tokyo, why not embark on the most spectacular Japanese road trip north visiting the many sites along the way to Fukushima prefecture and the surrounding sites of the Tohoku area.   


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