Fukushima Delicacies

Fukushima is home to unique variety of local foods and flavors, making the most of seasonal ingredients. From traditional specialties to modern takes on classic dishes to adopted foreign-inspired foods, Fukushima has something to satisfy the most hardened gourmand.

Fukushima is a beautiful place, known as the ‘land of water.’ Because of its rich supply of excellent water, the land produces great rice and great sake! 


Kitakata ramen

With its soy sauce and pork bone broth, is said to be one of the big three most famous ramen in Japan.
An exquisite dish with the soy-sauce soup as based soup that has a rich and deep flavor of its ingredients matches well with the fat wavy noodles, known as "Hirauchi Jukusei Takasuimen".

Sauce Katsu Don

Sauce Katsu Don is a staple of Fukushima cuisine and no one does it better than the restaurants in Aizu-Wakamatsu. Enter just about any restaurant in the city and you’ll be served a panko-crusted pork cutlet drenched in a sweet, spicy, and sour sauce that will make you jump for joy.

Enban Gyoza

Pan fried dumplings that are served in a disk-shaped platter. They are different from typical Japanese gyoza, because of their delicious extra crispiness. They are arranged and cooked on a circular hotplate, and feature a variety of delicious vegetable and pork fillings. Several popular gyoza restaurants are a short walk from Fukushima Station, and in Iizaka Onsen


Ouchi Juku local speciality – negi soba. Unlike your usual bowl of noodles that’s served topped with freshly sliced green onions, negi soba comes with a whole Japanese long green onion. Instead of boring old utensils, dig into your bowl of buckwheat noodles with the negi, which doubles up as a pair of chopsticks. Savour the crunchy aromatic and nutty flavour of the soba noodle with every bite. 


This particular dish can only be found in Aizu. Sansho pepper is used due to its preserving properties, unique aroma, and sour taste, which balances out the bitterness and scent of the herring. This preserving technique gives the fish an amazing taste. This dish is especially delicious as a side dish alongside a drink. Pickled herring is commonly served in special serving bowls produced by local ceramics craftsmen.


'Wappa-Meshi' is the name given to a variety of dishes made with seasonal vegetables local to the mountains of Aizu. These unique dishes are arranged in traditional Mage-Wappa wooden containers. Seasoned Wappa-Meshi rice is made by cooking rice three-quarters of the way, adding seasoning ingredients, and then steaming the rice once more.

Shirakawa Ramen

Shirakawa City, a city blessed with delicious water, uses this fantastic underground water source filtered by the rich soil to produce this ramens noodles and soup. Shirakawa Ramen has become very popular; so popular in fact, that currently, Shirakawa ramen rivals that from Kitakata. The thick, crinkly noodles and the clear soy-sauce soup has a simple thickness. The roasted pork filet is prepared in a special way by baking it in a pan to lock in the taste.

Shirakawa Daruma Burger

Using carefully-chosen ingredients, the Shirakawa Daruma Burger is a fast food meal which incorporates the slow food concept. The heart-shaped burger buns are made of 100% rice flour. The buns are imprinted with theh words "I LOVE 白河 (Shirakawa)", and the design is based on the Shirakawa Daruma, a traditional craft of the city. The burger ingredients are all carefully-selected and are all linked with bringing good luck. 

Kitakata Ramen Burger

A ramen-flavored burger unique to Kitakata. The buns are made from Kitakata's 'Yukichikara' flour and filled with ingredients used for making ramen. The chashu (Chinese-style barbecued pork) filling is made from 'Hayama Kogen Ton' brand pork, raised in Fukushima's Hayama Highlands. Burgers made with local Aizu chicken are also ready to go.

Iwaki Super-Sized Foods

Ready for a culinary challenge you won’t forget? Iwaki City is known for jumbo-sized foods. The jumbo-sized dishes range from sweet treats to full meals, western dishes to traditional Japanese gourmet. So get ready for jumbo choux crème pastries and jumbo meat cutlets. Take this challenge alone or with friends! Just make sure you make to reserve in advance at each shop.