Japans Newest & Coolest Snow Destination

The Tohoku region now boasts one of its largest snow resorts by merging Alts Bandai and Nekoma, two well-known ski areas, and adding a new ski lift. This expansive resort spans three mountains, namely Mt. Bandai, Mt. Nekomagadake, and Mt. Umaya, with a total of 33 courses available for skiing. With top-notch snow quality, diverse course options, and comprehensive facilities, the resort caters to both beginners taking their first steps on the slopes and experienced skiers in search of powder.


Ski Area Statistics
The season - Friday 1st December 2023 until Monday 6th May 2024
Altitude - Base: 700m, Summit: 1338m, Vertical: 638m
Ski runs - 33 runs in total, 39km skiable area
Ski lifts: - 13 in total

The Finest Powder Snow

The North Area, also known as Nekoma, is renowned for its exceptional quality of "micro-fine" powder snow. This remarkable snow is a result of the arid environment, elevated altitude exceeding 1000m, and the frigid air cooled by surrounding lakes and marshes. Along with consistently generous snowfall, the slopes are oriented towards the north, ensuring the snow's superb condition is retained. Depending on the day, an impressive amount of up to 20cm of exquisite snowfall can occur overnight. Once you have the pleasure of experiencing the remarkably soft texture of this micro-fine snow, you will never forget it!


Snow park

Upon the opening of the ski area, the park at Nekoma Mountain is promptly established. The dedicated team at Nekoma Mountain, who have experience with global competitions like the Asia Open, have crafted several parks catering to individuals ranging from beginners to professional athletes. The Flowing Park offers diverse terrain for enjoyable play and skill enhancement. The Step Up Park provides a selection of items suitable for different skiing levels. Moreover, the Global Park presents the opportunity to challenge oneself with world-class obstacles and features.


Rental Gear

In addition to the regular rental options for skis, snowboards, and winter clothing,  you will find the slope resorts offer a range of additional items available for rent, including sledges and snow scoots. Furthermore, guests have the chance to try out the newest Burton gear at our exclusive Burton test ride center.



Hoshino Resort's renowned children's ski and snowboard lessons, known as 'Yuki Kids 70 (Yukids Seventy)', are a hit among young ones. These lessons divide skiing and snowboarding techniques into 70 manageable steps, ensuring that every child can learn at their own pace and without any difficulty. The best part is that they can continue their lessons at affiliated locations, such as "Hoshino Resorts Yatsugatake" and "Hoshino Resorts Tomamu", which offer similar programs.


Kamakura Bar

Immerse yourself in the local sake and food culture at Kamakura Bar (Yukin Naka Sakaba), where you can enjoy an extraordinary experience. Step into the Japanese-style igloo, called a kamakura, and treat yourself to the delightful flavors of miso dengaku and hot sake cooked on a traditional hearth. As you relish these exquisite offerings, bask in the cozy ambiance created by the enchanting glow of sake bottles and snow lanterns that surround you.


CAT ride

Embark on an exhilarating adventure known as The Cat Ride, where you'll hop aboard a snow groomer and traverse an untouched snow course that is usually off-limits to the public. For a more exclusive experience, private group reservations are also offered, allowing you and your friends to have the fluffy slopes all to yourselves.


Dekkora Akabeko Snow Square

Experience the magic of a snowy plaza where you can enjoy playful moments with Aizu's iconic Akabeko toy. Immerse yourself in the winter wonderland as you rent an "Akabeko Sled" and don cozy "Akabeko Snow Wear." Treat yourself to the joy of creating mouthwatering snacks like grilled rice crackers and marshmallows.


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