Enjoy learning about typical Japanese dishes, stock and ingredients. During the class, you will learn about Japanese dining culture or the cultural background of the Japanese Bento.


03 Jan - 31 Mar 2019 (Except 01 Jan)
Mon to Sun
Morning Bento Class:
9:30a.m. - 13:00p.m. 
Afternoon Izakaya Class:
14:00p.m. - 17:30p.m.

The cooking class located is 10 min walk from Shijo / Karasuma station,  5 mins by taxi from JR Kyoto station.

Please choose following options;
1, Morning Bento Class
Morning Bent Class is a great way to learn about typical Japanese dishes such as sushi, tempura and miso soup. In addition, you will learn the cultural background of the well-known, Japanese Bento. Learn about dashi broth (soup stock for Japanese cuisine) and various types of seasoning. Choose 4 or 5 dishes to make for a bento lunch box and enjoy the bento lunch you made.
2, Afternoon Izakaya Class 
The afternoon Izakaya Class is a great way to immerse yourself in the Japanese dining culture as well as learning the authentic and popular Japanese foods that are eaten at home and in local restaurants. The course consists of two parts. Learn about dashi broth (soup stock for Japanese cuisine) and various types of seasonings, cook 2 or 3 dishes, that are Japanese home cooking style, and enjoy the meals. You will then return to the kitchen and learn 1 to 2 dishes and eat a variety of dishes in a cozy atmosphere, just like an Izakaya restaurants.

* For Vegetarian customers, replace meat and fish to vegetables and other ingredients. 


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